Preventing Common Nuisance Calls

New Distributing | Nov. 30, 2016, 8:57 p.m.

How to Prevent Nuisance Calls
How to Prevent Nuisance Calls

There are many calls that come through and some of those calls can be a nuisance. Here in this article, we will discuss some common issues and the solutions needed to help prevent future calls.

Problem: All dispensers are down (no power)

Solution: The E-Stop has been activated, the E-Stop needs to be reset

Problem: Can't pre-pay fuel transaction at inside POS

Solution: The sale is stuck, you will need to call your POS help desk to have the sale cleared.

Problem: The dispenser does not dispense fuel after a payment has been authorized.

Solution: The tank is out of fuel. You will need a tank stick to manually gauge the tank. It is also recommended to check for ATG alarms

Problem: All credit and debit card processing is down

Solution: A network outage has most likely occurred. Wait a few minutes and it should come back online. If it doesn't, please notify your service provider.

Problem: ATG alarm has been activated

Solution: Identify which alarm and provide the correct information to your service provider.

Problem: The dispenser has a slow flow rate, or there's a problem with the nozzle

Solution: Nozzle operation can be affected by flow rates. This can be caused by dirty filters.

Always provide the dispatcher with as much information as possible! That enables them to send the tech with correct parts as soon as possible.

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